Tamira Cousett: Reconnecting with the Wisdom of Our Ancestors


The connection we have to those who came before us is often overlooked in the contemporary world. Our guest today, Tamira Cousett, has dedicated herself to re-establishing her relationship with her ancestors, as well as helping others to come into communion with their own roots. Tamira is a mother, ancestral medium, ritual facilitator, and student of ancestral and earth-honoring systems.

Her focus is on co-weaving reverence-filled ritual containers and supporting intergenerational ancestral connections across space and time. Tamira speaks about the foundation of Black liberation theologies on which her practices are built, and we get to hear all about how this journey has evolved for her.

We have a fascinating conversation with Tamira, covering her background, important moments that have directed her path, what being an ancestral medium means to her, and the deeply-rooted family motifs that Tamira is continuing through her practices. So for all this and a whole more illumination from an inspiring and aspiring force in the world, listen in with us.

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Key Points From This Episode:

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“A medium is a bridge, and the truth is that we are all mediums, we all have that capacity while we are in these bodies to be in connection, communion, and communication with other realms of reality.” — @tamiracousett

“My work is really centered around Black liberation theologies, the work that I am doing is not new.” — @tamiracousett

“My healing journey is ongoing. I will be working on that, probably, the rest of my life.” — @tamiracousett

“We can’t swim in the ocean and not get wet.” — @tamiracousett

“When COVID began to unravel, I had a lot of physical and spiritual disorientation, just because of the way the ground was moving under my feet, and then George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.” — @tamiracousett

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Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

Tamira Cousett — https://www.tamiracousett.com/

Tamira Cousett on Twitter — https://twitter.com/tamiracousett

My Grandmother’s Hands https://www.indiebound.org/book/9781942094470

Deep Liberation https://www.powells.com/book/deep-liberation-shamanic-tools-for-reclaiming-wholeness-in-a-culture-of-trauma-9781623174927

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Death Faire — https://abundancenc.org/death-faire/

Saltwater & Honey: A Prayer Ritual to Spirit https://sacredgrief.com/p/saltwater-and-honey

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Ryan Honeyman

Partner / Worker-Owner at LIFT Economy. Co-author of “The B Corp Handbook.” Co-host of the Next Economy Now podcast. www.lifteconomy.com